Janesville Mobilizing 4 Change

Janesville Mobilizing 4 Change is a state-certified prevention agency with a focus on reducing substance use and promoting mental wellness. We have a long and rich history in serving the youth of Janesville, WI and surrounding areas.

Local problem require local solutions.

In cooperation with our community coalition and partners, we raise awareness, take action, and advocate for change.

Together we create a safer, healthier community.

JM4C History

In 1999 the school district of Janesville hired a coordinator to evaluate all of the Janesville School Districts Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) programs, student assistance programs and the DARE program. The district wanted to know if the programs were successful in meeting the needs of students.

With a committee of student services staff, the district conducted a series of focus group interviews with community agencies, parents, staff, students, and law enforcement. The study committee worked with the community to address the needs of youth substance abuse and prevention.

After the AODA study was complete, the district came up with a series of recommendations. One recommendation was to form a school and community AODA committee to address the issue of youth alcohol and drug abuse and prevention.

The committee was formed in the spring of 1999. The AODA committee broke into three different workgroups: elementary, middle, and high school levels. Over the course of a year the AODA committee drafted a three-year long-range plan. The plan was extensive and focused on prevention, intervention and support activities for students, parents and the community.

The AODA Committee continued to meet monthly for over 10 years. The committee implemented a Recovery High school, numerous community partnerships, drug free activities, new researched based school curriculums, training for staff and parents, support groups, student assistance programs and many more initiatives. The AODA plan was even featured in a national journal. The AODA plan was updated every three years to make sure the plan was always updated and current.

In 2010, all federal AODA school funding was cut. The AODA committee decided to transition into a nonprofit community coalition so they would have the ability to apply for federal grants. The AODA Committee became Janesville Mobilizing for Change.

Since the inception of JM4C, we have secured numerous federal grants, have staff, and have become a community-focused coalition.

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