Everyone plays a role in creating a safe and healthy community for our youth

As a community member you can be involved in many ways with the efforts of Janesville Mobilizing 4 Change. Join a committee, volunteer for an event, become a task force member or just “like” us on Facebook.

Underage Drinking

As a community member, you can be a good role model to our youth. Drink responsibly by refraining from binge drinking, having a designated driver when needed, and keeping alcohol out of the reach of children and teens.

Be aware of the messages you are sending to children. Have you ever reached for a drink, saying, “I had a tough day”?

Do you tell drinking stories in front of kids?

Do you ever ask a kid to get you a beer from the refrigerator?

Do you encourage your own friends to drink more? – “Come on, just have one more!”

These can send mixed messages.

Prescription Drug Misuse

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 1 out of 4 teens report taking a prescription drug at least once in their life not given to them by a doctor.

70% of abused prescription drugs are obtained from family and friends.

What can you do? Take the steps recommended in our Prescription For Safety.

Prescription for Safety

Secure: Safeguard your medications. Lock them up! JM4C offers free home medication lock boxes as a safe and secure place to store your prescription drugs.

Click here to reserve your lockbox

Monitor: Would you know if someone took a few? Be able to say “Yes!”

Dispose: Use a drop box to safely get rid of expired or unused medicine. The map below shows the Rock County Drop Box locations.

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Youth Mental Health First Aid

You can attend a Youth Mental Health First Aid class to learn how to recognize, respond and refer a youth with a mental health issue. One in five teens will experience some type of mental health challenge. Be prepared to respond appropriately!

View a list of upcoming presentations

Childhood Trauma Programs

ACEs, or Adverse Childhood Experiences, can impact brain development and the behavior of youth. If we work together we can mitigate the impact of how these experiences affect our youth. Click here for more details.

Chronic Stress can be toxic to children’s brains.  Learn more here.

Handle With Care is a collaboration between law enforcement and school districts to give the schools a “heads up” when a child or adolescent is involved in a potentially traumatic event. No details are shared, but school staff are alerted so that they can give the child the proper patience and support should any behavioral issue arise.

Drug Endangered Children is a collaboration between law enforcement, child protective services, the court system that aims to look at the needs of the children as a priority in drug cases where children are living in the home. By providing for the needs of the children, we hope to break the cycle of inter-generational drug abuse.

View a Drug Endangered Children presentation

Rock County Trauma Task Force

Join the Rock County Trauma Task Force to help us create a trauma-informed community. Initiatives of the task force include Handle with Care, Drug Endangered Children, and ACE Interface presentations.

Any organization who serves families or youth is encouraged to join as a way to learn more about the impact of trauma, to increase your organizational capacity for becoming trauma-sensitive, or to share the efforts you are doing around the impact of trauma!

Join the Trauma Task Force

Heroin Task Force

You can be a part of the Rock County Rx Drug & Heroin Task Force to help the community address the opioid epidemic. There are committees addressing opioid overdose deaths, adolescent prescription drug abuse and neonatal abstinence syndrome.

Join the Heroin Task Force