Hope Over Heroin. Photo used courtesy of The Janesville Gazette.

Janesville Mobilizing 4 Change receives grant to target opioid abuse

Janesville Mobilizing 4 Change is pleased to announce that we have received a $300,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health. The money, of which $100,000 will be received each year for the next three years, will be used to provide additional resources in the fight against opioid abuse in Rock County women.

The Janesville Gazette featured an article on the grant and the opioid problem in its Aug. 20, 2017 edition.

An excerpt from the article:

It is intended to work as a prevention grant to address prescription and illegal opioid abuse by women in Rock County, Faber said. The emphasis is on prevention.

Trauma and adverse childhood experiences are a major contributing factor to substance abuse, especially opioid abuse in women, Faber said. By reducing the number of such experiences, they hope to lower opioid abuse.

You can read the full story here (subscription may be required).

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