Underage Drinking

You are the most POWERFUL influence on your child’s behavior!

Talk to your kids

Talk Early. Talk Often.

Over 70% of children say their parents are the biggest influence over their decision to drink or not.

When planning conversations with children ages 9-13, refer to the “Talk. They Hear You.” website, provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. This website has excellent information and tips.

Be aware of the messages you are sending to children:

Have you ever reached for a drink, saying ‘I had a tough day?’
Do you tell drinking stories in front of kids?
Do you ever ask your kids to get you a beer from the refrigerator?
Do you encourage your own friends to drink more? ‘Come on, just have one more!’

These can send mixed messages.

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A grandmother, mother, andchildren sit together

Parent & Caregiver Resources

Check out these “Talk. They Hear You.”® campaign resources to help you start—and keep up—the conversation about the dangers of drinking alcohol and using other drugs at a young age.

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