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Prescription Drug Abuse

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HERE for information on preventing prescription drug abuse.  Click HERE for locations of drug drop off boxes.

Proposed Ordinance Changes

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A recent proposal has emerged encouraging our City Council members to eliminate a long standing ordinance in Janesville.  The ordinance up for elimination has required alcohol sales to be separated from other retail sales and was put in place specifically to limit underage access to alcoholic beverages.  Janesville is the only community in Rock County to have this type of ordinance in place.
Guess what?  This ordinance has been working – even better than originally planned for!  Not only do Janesville youth report accessing alcohol in retail locations at a lower rate then youth in any other Rock County community, but Janesville’s children are exposed to dramatically less alcohol advertising.  Studies have shown that the more advertising a youth sees, the more likely they are to be an underage drinker.  Because Janesville’s children have been exposed to significantly less advertising than their counterparts throughout Rock County, they drink alcohol at a lower rate than other students – 27% in Janesville high schools versus 35% in all other high schools.
Janesville Mobilizing 4 Change has created an Issue Brief showing the benefits of this ordinance and some pictures of how prevalent alcohol marketing is in nearby communities.   Issue brief separation
If you don’t want to see this effective ordinance erased from Janesville, contact your City Council members at:

December Newsletter

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December 2013 – Includes information about a Janesville Social Host Ordinance, JM4C’s Coalition Self-Assessment, and New York City’s ban on selling tobacco to anyone under 21.

November Newsletter

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November 2013  Included in this issue:  Take a Quick Survey to Help JM4C; Highlights from the Annual Meeting; ‘Craze’ Supplement contains Meth-like ingredient; Ways to Get Involved

October Newsletter

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October 2013  Topics in this newsletter include the recent alcohol compliance checks in Janesville, a new drug in the US – Krokodil, an invitation to JM4C’s annual meeting, and several ways to get involved in making our community healthier and safer.

September Newsletter

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September 2013  Topics in this month’s newsletter include local messages being sent to our youth regarding alcohol (wait until you see these pictures!), information on bath salts, and recent training opportunities attended by our coalition members.

August Newsletter

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August 2013 Topics included in this month’s newsletter included:  JM4C’s participation in the national Community Anti Drug Coalitions of America Mid-Year Conference, synthetic drugs, merchandise glamorizing prescription drug abuse, and ways you can be involved in JM4C’s efforts to make Janesville a healthier, safer community.

July Newsletter

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July 2013  Topics in this month’s newsletter include:  JM4C’s July Campaign – The Easiest Place for Kids to Get Beer is Right Next to the Milk, Smoking Alcohol, and information on Wisconsin’s Drug Take Back efforts.

The Easiest Place for Kids to Get Beer…

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Are you an easy source of alcohol for youth? Would you know if a few beers went missing from your garage or basement refrigerator? Could you tell if a few shots of liquor disappeared from one of your bottles?

All too often, sometimes without even realizing it, we provide access to alcohol for our children. Youth tell us during listening sessions and through surveys that alcohol is ‘pretty easy’ to get from friends and family members. With 30% of high school students drinking alcohol in the last 30 days, we have to believe that it isn’t very hard for teens to get their hands on alcohol.

During the month of July, Janesville Mobilizing 4 Change (JM4C) is working to bring awareness to the issue of easy access of alcohol in the home. It is the hope of the coalition that adults will be more aware of the environment they provide in their own homes and make small changes that will prevent youth from obtaining alcohol. These small changes can include taking stock of your alcohol inventory and periodically check for missing items or installing a lock on your garage or basement refrigerator. Not only will this lock prevent your own children from taking alcohol, but it will also prevent you from being a victim of ‘garaging’. ‘Garaging’ is a slang term referring to the act of stealing alcohol out of open garages.

JM4C will be awarding refrigerator locks to several lucky winners in July! You can enter this drawing by emailing, visiting our booth at the Janesville Farmers’ Market on July 13th and 20th, or checking out our refrigerator display in the lobby of the Hedberg Public Library.

Reducing availability to alcohol will help prevent youth from drinking, but it is not the only piece of the puzzle. As a community we need to send a clear message that underage drinking is not going to be allowed or tolerated. Be a part of making Janesville a healthier, safer community and do not allow access to alcohol (intentionally or unintentionally) to youth in your home!

June Newsletter

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June 2013