Focused on reducing substance use and promoting mental wellness

Our Mission

Janesville Mobilizing 4 Change

Janesville Mobilizing 4 Change is a state-certified prevention agency with a focus on reducing substance use and promoting mental wellness. We have a long and rich history in serving the youth of Janesville, WI and surrounding areas.

Local problem require local solutions.

In cooperation with our community coalition and partners, we raise awareness, take action, and advocate for change.

Together we create a safer, healthier community.

JM4C History

In 1999, with a committee of student services staff, the School District of Janesville conducted a series of focus group interviews with community agencies, parents, staff, students, and law enforcement. The study committee worked with the community to address the needs of youth substance abuse and prevention. From this study, AODA activities including Recovery High school, drug free opportunities, new researched based school curricula, training for staff and parents, support groups, student assistance programs and many more initiatives were implemented.

In 2012 we became Janesville Mobilizing for Change, a community coalition with a vision of creating a safer, healthier community.

In order to secure federal funding the City of Janesville agreed to act as fiscal agent for JM4C, and JM4C became a Division of the City under the oversight of the Hedberg Public Library Director. Because of this partnership we have secured numerous federal grants, are contracted by Rock County Human Services and have strengthened our community partnerships.

In 2016 JM4C grew again and incorporated into a non-profit. While still under the direction of the City and Hedberg Public Library, we are now able to accept local donations and gifts and apply for private grants.

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